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Code of Conduct For Students

The reputation of an institute depends solely on the performance of its students, not on buildings, equipments, structures etc. although they are the pre-requisite aids. The students of an Institute are known not only by their performance in their academics but also by their conduct which is an integral part of their personality. In order to make the College feel proud of its students, the following code of conduct is expected of the students.

  1. They should behave, dress and project their image like dignified, respectable citizens of the Country.
  2. The students are expected to develop a sense of belongingness to the institute. Keep it up-right and clean and create a congenial environment conducive for studies.
  3. The students must be regular and punctual in their studies.
  4. The students must observe discipline. Indiscipline attracts punishment. They must observe self-imposed discipline in all activities, studies as well as other ones related to their stay in the College / Hostel.
  5. They should read the notices regularly, so as not to miss any important information.
  6. Their action must reflect respect for the Faculty members and must inculcate a spirit of fellow- feeling and mutual respect among themselves.
  7. They must observe proper silence in the classes/library and avoid making noise. They must observe timings in the Office and the Library so as to avoid unnecessary disturbance/over-crowding.
  8. Male students must not pass undesirable remarks at the female students and must observe due courtesies.
  9. The students must not write on walls etc. or make undesirables sketches on the Walls/Furniture tops/doors.
  10. They should not attempt to copy in the Test/ Examination.
  11. Drug is a health hazard. Students should not take drugs or consume intoxicants.
  12. Student shall keep their parents informed regularly about their performance in studies and other problems, if any. They should also make the payment of College/Hostel dues well in time.
  13. Ragging is a crime. Student should not indulge in any form of ragging.
  14. No student shall be discriminated on the basis of religion, caste & sex etc.
  15. In order to become good engineers student should observe professional ethics.
  16. A student will be admitted to a semester examination if he/she has attended regularly the prescribed course of study for the relevant semester and has attended not less than 75% of total number of classes held. This requirement shall be fulfilled separately for each course of study. The attendance shall be counted upto 10 days before the commencement of the examination. The Principal is empowered to condone the shortage in attendance upto 10% in each course in genuine cases, to his satisfaction.
  17. Provided that a student who has attended the requisite number of classes for subject(s) will be eligible to appear in the examination in those subject(s). Provided further that a candidate who is deficient in attendance shall have to repeat those courses in which he is deficient, whenever offered by the College
  18. Admission Confirmation is Subject to University/Board Approval.
  19. All disputes pertaining to admission under the domain of Admission Brochure are subject to the jurisdiction of Courts at Rohini Zone, DELHI only.

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