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Message From Chairman


Shri A.K Dhawan, founder and Chairman of "Shri Tilak Raj Dhawan Educational and Charitable Trust" is a visionary with rich experience in the field of Academics and Industry. He is a philanthropist, an active social worker and plays a prominent role in the development of Educational Institutions.

He is a firm believer of the quote: 'Hard work is the key to Success' Working with this missionary zeal, he has effectively honed and used his skills for the establishment and management of various professional educational institutions that compare with the best in the country and abroad.


His dream of world-class institutions materialized with the establishment of Haryana Engineering College, Jagadhri in 1998. The encouragement and overwhelming response, paved way for creation of other professional institutions in the following years, to impart quality education. His dedication and commitment to the cause ensured creation of other professional Institutions. Thousands of students and their parents who were fortunate to have any of the established colleges under his guidance, as their alma meter would be grateful to him for his contribution in the field of professional education.

The inspiration behind establishing the educational Institutions are the anvils on which the nation's citizens are forged and fashioned. Today's youth have light in their eyes, fire in their belly and grit to take on the world. Unless properly channeled, these sterling qualities will wither away like unkempt flower gardens. Education should build character, sharpen the intellect, and encourage free thinking for all. The idea is not to give the students just an assembly line degree but to sculpt the young minds into giants in knowledge with upright character and unwavering ethics, possessing a firm resolve to shape the future. They must adapt to change and steer through the turbulent sea of the world like an adept captain of the ship.